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Steering Committee

OnWARN Steering Committee  

The OnWARN Steering Committee is comprised of volunteer Member utilities and Associate Members. Under the leadership of the OnWARN Steering Committee Chair, the Steering Committee is responsible for the following actions:

  • Organize and coordinate emergency planning and response activities for OnWARN
  • Encourage the active participation of Members
  • Establish regular Steering Committee meeting schedules to maintain continuity
  • Maintain communication with Members regarding updates, changes, or modifications to the OnWARN
  • Maintain the OnWARN Operational Plan for implementing the OnWARN Agreement
  • Obtain and manage grants as available
  • Manage issues related to Website management
  • Determine costs associated with hosting workshops, training, etc.
  • Set training and exercise schedules
  • Represent the membership when engaged in meetings, discussions, and consultations with other associations, states, and local agencies regarding the OnWARN

For more information refer to the OnWARN Steering Committee Overview. The Steering Committee structure follows: